“The college (Liberal arts vs. Business) really doesn’t matter to those who will be future employers – rather the work as a result matters! The OSU experience gave me the work ethic, design eye, and problem-solving tools I have now. The constant (useful and supportive) feedback from Professors and peers during my time at OSU is integral to being able to work with clients and be successful at what I do now.

Clients and design peers value my work and collaboration because my work is effective and meaningful and I can collaborate well with others. Because of OSU and the process of the design program, my portfolio was the best thing I left with – and what those hiring me are truly interested in. The work speaks loud and clear for itself. The design program at OSU is what gave me the ability to work at this level and be open to always learning and growing as a designer.”

-Darlene Veenhuizen, Graphic Designer and Boss Lady darlene@picklejarstudios.com