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Lauren Miller

Hi, my names Lauren I am a graphic design student who loves dogs and cant wait to get one once I graduate. When I’m not designing I am either crafting, gaming, or making art.  Ever since I was little I knew that I loved creating things and making art.  As I grew older I found a passion for technology and always liked to learn more about new programs I could use.  Graphic design has become a great way for me to combine both of my passions together and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Some of the work that inspires me that I have been working on is branding.  I love how design can bring a whole new personality to a brand while also being able to set a tone for how the brand wants to be perceived.  One of the coolest things about working in design is that I can turn ideas that live in the mind, into reality.  For any of the work I have done or will do, all I want is to use the talents I have to help ideas come to life.

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Email: laurenhopemiller99@gmail.com

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