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Rae Ma

I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and artist from Portland, Oregon. Currently, I am finishing my BFA in Graphic Design and will be continuing my minor studies in Photography and New Media Communications until fall 2020.

I am a storyteller.
I focus on creating meaningful and efficient designs that convey a narrative to my audience. I love developing brand identity systems, designing products, and publication design.

I don’t take pictures. I preserve the memories and the moments. I make connections and evoke emotions in my work.

I explore the concept of “being in the moment,” the complexity of identities, and love through multiples series of my works. Besides conceptual work, I have also worked as a freelance fashion, editorial and portrait photographer where I’ve traveled around and connected with a community of creatives.

I find comfort in illustration. Whether it’s traditional or digital. A place where imagination can take charge and direct my hand across the page (or screen).

I enjoy a mix of mediums: painting, frame animation, 3D modeling, digital illustration, concept art, and even character design. These various mediums help shape the artist I am, opening myself to new experiences and other mediums that I might enjoy.

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