Christine Gallagher

Christine is a graphic design instructor with 14 years’ experience and is currently the Graphic Design Program Coordinator. She is passionate about teaching graphic design processes and is interested in ‘design and the senses’. Christine leads a sensory-based design tour with a fellow graduate from RISD (Stephanie Grey, Associate Professor of Art / Framingham State) in Copenhagen — She is the faculty advisor for the student graphic design studio FLUX and coordinates the annual senior portfolio show.

Design studies are about processes, examination, experimentation, insight and solution-formation — in both metaphysical and physical manifestations (both thinking and making). Through process, students learn that progress from ideation to execution come from methodologies — or ways-of-working. By careful examination and interpretation (from macro to micro), students begin to truly see — becoming more aware of the what/how/why of their surroundings and how everything ‘fits’ within systems. Experimentation is about taking risks and being open to both success and failure. It’s important for students to practice innovation and that without experimentation, their ideas and work tend to be formulaic. Good work comes from insight (intuition doesn’t exist) — a view which can only be obtained from engaged process, examination and experimentation. From the start to finish of a project it’s important for students to consider, ‘What can this be?’ — as opposed to having a predetermined outcome. This perspective allows for the project itself to lead the designer to the best solution-formation.

M.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design, 2005 / Graphic Design
B.F.A. University of Oregon, 1995 / Painting & Drawing