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Aimee Williams

Hey, there!

I’m graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design with minors in Photography, and Business & Entrepreneurship. Here are some things that I enjoy:

Graphic design, of course. I enjoy branding and identity systems, packaging design, and providing my creative skills to aid in marketing strategies. I LOVE being able see people utilizing my work out in the world. 

Photography. I enjoy documentary photography, capturing beautiful  landscapes, and taking portraits (my most willing subject is my younger sister, Kirsten). I also have a new-found love for film photography.

Book binding. Printing, sewing, glueing, hard-covering — the whole shabang.  It’s nice to take a break from the screen and craft with my hands every once in a while.

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Six Days on the Sikuliaq

9×11 handmade screen-printed photo book made up of both digital and film photographs. Six copies made.

Over the course of six days, I accompanied Oregon State University’s Ocean Observatories Initiative research team aboard the Sikuliaq, a research vessel from the University of Fairbanks, Alaska. The OOI team ventures out along the Washington and Oregon coasts twice a year to deploy and recover marine equipment that measures multiple physical, chemical, geological, and biological variables in the atmosphere, ocean and on the seafloor. 

For many people, this cruise wasn’t their first. But for a select few, including myself, it was their first time out to sea for more than a day. These are the photographs of moments, OOI team, boat crew, and ocean landscapes from my six days on the Sikuliaq.

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Poster Mock Up

The Forest Downtown | AWP Conference & Bookfair

The 2019 AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Conference & Bookfair is a real, but also made up, event that takes place in Portland annually. But for the sake of practicing designing for an event, my fake rendition of the 2019 AWP Conference & Bookfair took place at the LaSell’s Stewart Center at Oregon State University.

 Inspired by a real talk scheduled about our awareness of the existing natural environment around us by Emma Marris, the 2019 faux-conference’s theme was The Forest Downtown. For this ‘made-up’ conference, I created a series of three promotional posters printed on watercolor paper to give it that natural feel, a promotional flag banner, an all-day events schedule poster, a program booklet with a featured article from faux featured speaker Emma Marris,  a promotional tote, and three different conference badges.

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Folgers Mock Ups

Folgers Coffee Rebrand

As a faux rebrand project, I explored Folgers Coffee company. After researching the company I discovered that Folgers has a very rich history based in San Fransisco, which was not being reflected on their current brand packaging. The new Folgers Sailboat icon and it’s primary colors represent the classic San Fransisco Bay, Folgers history, and a small handle at the right of the sailboat reveals the top half of a coffee cup. In this version of the brand identity system, Folgers Coffee has minimized it’s focus on the mountain grown aspect of their coffee, and has re-introduced their valued San Fransisco Bay roots.

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