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Alexis Landrey

Oh Hi! I’m Alexis, a graphic designer and photographer soon to be relocating to the Bay Area, CA. When I am not being a hyperactive creative, you can find me at the movies (aka my couch), on a scenic drive with the windows down and music blaring, or wherever there are dogs (seriously).

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Runway Rebrand Feature

Runway Fashion Exchange Rebrand

Through this rebrand of Runway Fashion Exchange, a local second-hand store in Corvallis, OR., my goal was to create a stronger brand vision and identity system to better match the personality of the specific target audience– the trendy, thrift-loving high school and/or college student with an affinity towards fashion and saving money. The scope of this project included a new brand identity system, logo, and various print deliverables that successfully and aesthetically communicate the simplistic and modern tone of the brand with an emphasis on quality and higher-end fashion.

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