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Amanda Howard

A tenacious fan that just wants to be a part of the gaming industry. Now based in McMinnville, OR.

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Resonance_illustration by Lily Liu


The result of a collaborative project that focused on using a building as inspiration for an interactive exhibit. The group and I decided to use the cathedral-like windows as the base of an exhibit that would show sound waves of the environment around music students. This project allowed me to explore the use of concept design within graphic design. Other credit includes: Leo Li, Lily Liu, and Kelsie Rust


Naughty Dog Re-brand Game Screen

Naughty Dog Rebrand

Tasked with re-branding a company I first chose a horror game developing company. Upon showing my choices, I was advised to ‘design’ for a company that I kept mentioning in the pitch: Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog is the game design company that is responsible for games such as the Uncharted franchise and Crash Bandicoot. I decided to design for them because I’m a big fan of what they do. This was meant to be a harmless tribute and is no way an attempt to criticize the game company.


Help Me Lose My Mind Music Video

During one of my 2018 graphic design courses I was tasked with creating a music video. In this process I storyboarded, shot, edited, animated, and color graded footage for a music video that explores the temptation of daydreaming and wishing to escape to a fantasy world. I used the song Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure, and all music copyright goes to them. Special thanks to my classmates Chelsie Gaither, Leo Lei and Michael Nolan.


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