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Angel McNabb-Lyons Bw

Angel McNabb-Lyons

What’s poppin! I’m a graphic designer from Eugene, OR who has a passion for accessible and inclusive designs. When I’m not designing, you can find me looking up new coffee ideas and streaming video games and my illustrations.

Portfolio Website Capstone
three glass bottles filled with thai, matcha, and milk tea. The bottles read from left to right "I'm feeling motivated today", "I'm feeling confident today",and "I'm feeling fabulous today"

Lo/Fi Leaf Packaging

Based on the readings from Why We Eat What We Eat, the assignment was to pick two scientific examples of taste from the book and combine it into a packaging food product. Lo/Fi Leaf is a combination of music and sweetness levels while keeping the busy life schedule of the consumer in mind.
The final packaging focuses on the customer’s mood for the day but also encourages reusing the packaging and engagement. By having a simple bottle design, customers can write how they feel for the day and post it on Instagram or Pinterest. The playlists given out are also updated weekly to introduce customers to new songs they might enjoy!

#Illustrator #Photoshop #packaging #identity

Milksoda Businesscard Port

Bewitched Color Logo

A rebranding for a local Hair Stylist who wanted a new start to her business. The target was to create a logo illustration that fit her tone of voice and aesthetic that could be used for her Instagram marketing and business cards. 

#Photoshop #brand guide

Manifesto Coaster Mockup Smol

Designer Manifesto

Combining the old with the new for a fun take on a personal designer manifesto. As someone who enjoys meeting people over coffee, it’s a finishing touch to include personal design values on coasters for others to enjoy.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #packaging