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Angelica Ocampo

I am a graphic designer that believes that small things can have huge impacts, that every design should have meaning, and that understanding others will help us all connect. Getting lost in nature, a good book, or a show are some of my favorite past times!

Portfolio Website Capstone
The title of the project's image is black with white text. The letters chosen to be highlighted were A (brightly colored and abstract), E (made to look like a simplistic drawing of an elephant).

The 26 | 2020

For this project I created typographically unique letters of the alphabet. I explored different uses of techniques, textures, editing, and styles. I made many iterations and refined until I came to a final edited letter. With these letters, I also made a poster and a process booklet. It was important to me that the illustrations/designs would connect in some way to the letter.

#Illustrator #Photoshop

The logo for the Sweet Sensation Chocolates food packaging brand is a wavy smile with the words "Sweet Sensations Chocolates" curved underneath it. The letters and smile are both brown, the smile containing another light brown color. The background is white, matching the color of the packaging of the box of chocolates.

Sweet Sensations Chocolates | 2020

This project’s aim was to create a package and brand for some sort of food product that took into account all five senses and incorporated them in meaningful ways. The book, Why You Eat What You Eat by Rachel Herz PhD, inspired a full sensory experience with food and thus this project also required that sentiment in its product, package, and brand. I chose to create branding and packaging for chocolates that is based in helping people to de-stress, incorporated mindful eating steps, and included a QR code for ambient impact.

#Illustrator #packaging #identity #logo

This image is of the Mind Into Matter Conference Logo, it’s made of two letter Ms on top of one another with them connecting with an arrow to represent the name of the conference "Mind Into Matter". There are circular graphical elements surrounding it.

Mind Into Matter | 2019

This term-long project was to create a design identity for a chosen topic for a hypothetical 2019 AWP Conference. I chose to base my conference around the importance of the presence of mental health in poems, novels, and other works. We were to make a schedule of speakers/events happening during the conference and create branding for the conference. We were to create a main poster, event posters, a magazine, way-finding, and assets for the event.

#Illustrator #InDesign #identity #logo #event design