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Bianca Ruggiero

South Florida based designer, Bianca Ruggiero, has been exploring her skills in design and art for six years. She is currently on her way to receiving her BFA in Graphic Design from Oregon State University. She currently resides in Hollywood, FL, with her two cats Teresita and Suki. Bianca blends her passions in design with a few of her favorite hobbies, including, tending to her plants, the curiosities of life, and interior design.

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Build-a-rat was a packaging project inspired by none other than, build-a-bear. Instead, of building a bear, this packaging was created after coming across found rat bones from my yard. With the idea of assembling a 3D model of a rat. This could be an education and interesting experience for anyone interested in learning about the anatomy of a mammal as well as the name of the individual bones.

The final product for build-a-rat was for the audience to be able to open the box using the clover top. Inside the package would include all pieces to assemble. The style of this package was made to display a mystical and unique illustration.

Skills: Illustration, Packaging

Project type: Packaging, Spring 2019

#Illustrator #print #packaging



“Surreal Fiction,” the 2019 AWP conference event which is based on the theme of Naturalism. Dives into stories from writers such as Karen Russell. A writer born and raised in Florida who inspired the graphics behind this event after writing her novel titled Swamplandia. Karen Russell, like few other authors and novelists short stories are based on ideas of animals and environments governed by human characteristic otherwise known as anthropomorphism. This style of writing can be heavily based on genres that involve fantasy, fairytales, myths, and magical realism.

The purpose behind this project is to express my vision on fiction based off my keynote speakers series of literature by conveying alligators in a humanistic form. The objective for my conference is to get my audience to focus on a broader creative aspect of literature.

Skills: Collage, Illustration, Typography

Project type: Print / Digital Illustration, Fall 2019

#Illustrator #Photoshop #print

The26 Poster

Secret Aardvark

This project in particular demonstrates my ability to rebrand an existing brand. The brand of my choosing for this project was Secret Aardvark. Originally from Portland, Secret Aardvarks original logo features a blue aardvark which is a staple of the brand itself. The logo, which is identifiable to most who are familiar with the hot sauce brand. The rebrand demonstrates a redefined and more elaborate aardvark. 

Skill: Illustration, Typography

Project Type: Visual Identity,Branding, Print Design