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Brenna Lanning

I’m a graphic designer and hopeless romantic of the West, even though I’m afraid of horses. (Why are they SO BIG?)

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Cof Beanie Patch Brenna

Hat Patches

Hat patches for the College of Forestry swag that tips a hat to the swag of the forest. Phew, try saying that 10x faster. In addition to being a hat patch, the diamond patch will be an air freshener, and the circular patch will be an enamel pin.

#Illustrator #apparel design

Bloomgather Logo Brenna

Bloom + Gather

As a rose would bloom oh so delicately, so does this packaging experience for a faux essential oil brand. Nature was the one to follow here; the closeness to nature in the “blooming” of the package heightens the natural senses and transports the enthralled user to a field of roses.

This package is one of three in a line called “among the flowers”. The simplicity of the design speaks to the ease of use of the product. Flourishes of intricate, illustrative design demonstrate the beauty of nature, as well as visually show how this essential oil product was created – right from the rose itself.

The label design of the bottle speaks to valuing small-batch, labors of love and uses the motif of the rose illustration to drive home what this product is about.

#Illustrator #packaging #identity #logo #experience design

Alphabits G Brenna


Moms don’t choose their favorite children, but I do. There were some clear favorites after I participated in the 26 days of type. Instead of presenting the entire alphabet, I present: alpha-bits.