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Just a nerd who loves strategy table-top games, foxes, beanies, and iced coffee.

I’m always down for a game of Magic the Gathering!

Portfolio Website Capstone

Let's Talk: OSU Community Project

We recognize the lack of education and resource accessibility of topics related to sexual health and wellness within the Oregon State University (OSU) community for sexually active or inactive individuals. Our goal with this project was to open the conversation regarding these topics and provide accessible resources for everyone. Our plan was to deconstruct gender and sexual stereotypes, provide a forum for anonymous communication, and educate the OSU community about resources available to them.

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Senior Portfolio Show: "We Are Here" 2019

The OSU GD program hosted an event during Design Week Portland in 2019. The overarching theme was promotional and informational — we wanted the PDX design community (and others) to know who we, where we are, what we do and why.

The ‘most significant’ aspect of the event was the senior portfolio show. We wanted to shake this idea up. We felt that the format and date we had in the past was not working: at the end of Spring term in a space that is set up like a showcase/exhibition where guest walk around from student to student, table to table.

We aimed to host an event that centered around ‘the senior show’, but was more. We wanted to increase our bandwidth of visitors. We wanted to provide information (messaging) about the program itself and the students and faculty who are part of it.

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Hollywood Video Company Rebrand

Hollywood Video was an Oregon-based movie and video game rental chain. They rented and sold movies and video games. They were looking to condense their operations into a movie and video game rental kiosk system to compete with companies like Netflix.

The primary objectives for this was to create a fresh new look for Hollywood Video — a company rebrand with a new brand system. The rebrand could not deviate from their original brand statement and had to match their personality and visual tone. Hollywood Video received a new logo, a stationery system, .PSD mock-ups, a stylescape, a style guide, and a process book.

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