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chloe jameson

Chloe is a designer, photographer, illustrator, and sculptor based in Corvallis, Oregon. When she isn’t busy working on her latest projects, you can find her in the forest foraging for mushrooms or in a field sketching the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

Portfolio Website Capstone


With An overall push toward a more eco-conscious mindset, many people are becoming more willing to adjust their lifestyle and with that, their lifestyle choices. Many people don’t like the idea of their goods coming from non-renewable resources, and are choosing more sustainable options every day, including their clothing options. However, many people worry about not only the condition of second hand clothes they purchase, but also about things like cleanliness, availability, and whether or not the clothing is current and on trend. With thriftr, making this transition is easier than ever with custom recommendations on where to shop, a look book function to help inspire your next thrifting adventure, and social functionality to organize clothing swaps with other local secondhand enthusiasts.

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Metolius Home

Metolius Climbing, Inc. Rebrand

Metolius Climbing has been a staple in the climbing universe for nearly four days, however, their image has remained largely unchanged since their inception in 1983. This rebrand aims to propel Metolius Climbing into the modern era with a new logo, new updated company identity, and new revised packaging in order to make themmore competitive in the climbing market.

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Package Front

Plant this Package

Plant this Package was conceived in order to provide environmentally friendly packaging, with a strong focus on urban-renewal. The main feature of these packages would not only be that they are biodegradable, but that they also have locally-sourced and bee-friendly plant seeds embedded within the packaging, encouraging those who purchase these products to help “flower-bomb” their cities. The inspiration for this project was the ever-growing presence of “micro-trash” or small, non-biodegradable pieces of trash littering the world.

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