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Darby Buhlmann

I have had a creative itch for as long as I can remember. I was that kid in kinder garden covered in glue and getting yelled at by the teacher for running through the class room with scissors. Since then I have grown up ever so slightly and found that not only do I have a passion for the fine arts and glue but I also have found a love for graphic design. It wasn’t until a mid college crisis that I began by Graphic Design journey, needless to say I haven’t looked back since. I have found problem solving through the act of design to be the most perfect mix of challenge and thrill. I am always striving to improve my practice and am looking forward to what ever craziness life throws my way!

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Sole to Soul Yoga Logo Design

I had the opportunity to work with a yoga studio that is set to open this summer in Albany Oregon. Sole to Soul Yoga is a studio rooted in their values of community, education and inclusivity. They were looking for a logo that had an earthy and welcoming energy. I am looking forward to continuing work with them as we start to roll out there branding system.

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Paws Pet Shop Branding

Paws Pet Shop is a project close to my heart as it is owned and operated by my cousin. Her love for animals is infectious and I wanted to create a branding system for her that was playful and fun while still looking professional and modern. If you have a furry friend of your own go check it out in Bridgeport Village!

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Seattle's Best Coffee theoretical re-brand

My Seattle’s Best re-brand project was one of my favorite college projects. The goal was to find a company that you thought you could improve. I decided to take my project in a sustainable direction by implementing sustainable packaging and eco conscious branding. “Seattle’s Best, just got better”.

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