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Derek Liu


I am a digital designer and passionate photographer. I am currently focused on branding, creating visual identities, and user interfaces. Aside from design, I enjoy traveling, which sparked my passion for photography.

Portfolio Website Capstone
Flock 01


Welcome to Flock! Mag-bot is a badge collecting magpie that will help you collect your own badges as you explore content and meet new people. Through the onboarding process, you will select interests to curate your feed and introduce you to content catered to you. Within the app, you will have access to your Nest where all your personal content will lie to be organized and viewed by other users. Badges are earned through a variety of different actions and will encourage you to explore communities that you usually wouldn’t find on your own. Through the discover page you will see content made by other creators and be able to participate in skill-building challenges that help you learn and earn badges. Flock is the best way to connect with communities and share your talents with the world. 

#XD #website #app design #Figma

Airbnb 01

Take Off 🛫

Take Off is the ultimate travel companion for groups of friends and/or families looking to build voyaging experiences that are great for everyone. Visiting new destinations alongside friends and loved ones can make trips more meaningful and memorable, and Take Off will help to create a one-stop location aimed at building the best visits for everyone and smoothing out any potential bumps in the road. Use Take Off to plan your trip, find lodging, vote on the day’s itinerary, discover hidden gems, and collect and compile memories that will last a lifetime. With Take Off, every step of travel is made easy because you take each of those steps together.

#XD #app design #Figma

Woodys 01


A hypothetical rebrand for Woody’s Grooming products. I redesigned the logo mark and other brand visuals and created various deliverables to showcase how the new identity system would be applied to company marketing and packaging. Through this project I wanted to redesign the identity to better reach the audience of adults with a modern color palette and redesigned packaging.

#packaging #logo #brand guide #Figma #3d modeling