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Elise Clark

Hi! I’m a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Oregon. I enjoy traveling and learning new things.

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Gp Main3

Gothic Pastoral

This project was created to promote and inform viewers of a fictional book event at OSU. The Gothic Pastoral represents the dark side of nature’s beauty, and encompasses discussions that fall under that theme. The dark and florescent colors are meant to be both beautiful and also give a slightly eerie feel. 

This project included many pieces; posters, informational signage, guide and swag/merchandise. Below is an example of some of the most important pieces.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #event design

Beyond Main


This project was created as group project for the 2020 Senior Show that ended up being cancelled because of the pandemic. Our main goal was to create a tool box of graphics that the next group could then come in to use for the various pieces. The premise for the theme is to show the student’s life outside of OSU, and their potential to go anywhere.

For this project, I created the logo type lock-up as well as most of the illustrator graphics presented below.

#Illustrator #identity #event design

Jaunt Main

Jaunt Magazine

This project was for a fictional travel magazine called Jaunt, where I combined both my knowledge of typography with my photography. The featured story in this layout is for a trip through the redwoods in Northern California. The images in the spread are my own.

#Photoshop #InDesign