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Emma Fabel

Graphic Designer. Photographer. French Fries Enthusiast.

Portfolio Website Capstone
Fabel Asics Logo

ASICS Redesign

The rebrand’s goal was to give ASICS a more serious image. Their current, existing brand is very colorful, making them seem cheap and amateur. However, their brand offers high-quality products and is respected by the running community. The tone of the redesign was to reflect this quality in their actual brand. It still preserved some aspects of the old brand, keeping the youthful image, while giving the brand a serious and high-end update. The goal was to allow ASICS to stay relevant in a market that is increasingly more focused on the fashion and everyday-wear aspects of athletics.

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Fabel Core App

Core Scheduler App

Created in XD, this app was a student organizational app that could time assignments and use that information to schedule out your day for effectively. Using interactive elements and engaging graphics, the app sought to create a lively interface for the user to interact with while keeping the layout and wireframe simple. 

#Illustrator #XD #identity #app design

Fabel Conference Wordmark

Conference Branding System

For this project, we were to create a theme, find content, and then brand a fictional writing conference. Focusing on strong typography and a cohesive system, the deliverables included a main event poster, session posters, and way finding signs. My conference focused on writing with mental illness and how to treat the subject in the proper manner, without stigmatizing or sensationalizing it.

#Photoshop #InDesign #print #identity #event design