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Emma Rose Pattee

Hello! My name is Emma. I am a graphic designer, iced coffee lover, Trader Joes fanatic, and I have a slight obsession with plants and my cute cat 🙂

Portfolio Website Capstone
Red Yellow 12

Conceptual Re-Brand for Burt's Bees

The objective of this project was to re-design the brand of an existing company and I chose Burt’s Bees, a well-known, organic, personal care, health, and beauty line.

The vision for the re-brand was to incorporate a more modern and clean look while still keeping with their friendly and organic roots. 

I explored typography, color, imagery, and brand guidelines. 

#Illustrator #Photoshop #packaging #identity #logo #branding

Id Holder Mockup

Power of Limitations

This was a multifaceted project culminating in several typographic-crafted pieces and bound by a shared conceptual and visual system. It is based off of an actual event — Association of Writers & Writing Program Annual Conference or the AWP Conference & Book fair, held in Portland. The goal of this project was to design an entire one day conference based off the event. 

#Illustrator #Photoshop #identity #brand guide #event design #illustration

Pattee Emma A Final 01

26 Days of Type

I participated in the “26-day typeface challenge”, using illustration to create the alphabet. My concept was to illustrate animals, objects, people, etc., and abstract them into letters. This was a very fun, multidisciplinary, and exploratory project!

#Illustrator #Photoshop #illustration #GIF