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Gabby Nguyen

Gabby Nguyen

I’m a graphic designer (with a love for illustration) living in Portland, OR. When I’m not scrutinizing type faces you can find me watching a Blazers game, trying a new recipe, or screen printing!

Portfolio Website Capstone
Visual Assets

Outshine (Fake) Rebrand

A fake rebrand for Outshine frozen fruit bars. I re-designed the logo as well as other brand visuals and created various deliverables to showcase how the new identity system would be applied to company marketing and packaging.

Through this project I wanted to re-design the identity to better reach the audience of kids through a playful, whimsical, and imaginative approach.


Gianni Hunt Illustration

OSU Men's Basketball Illustrations

A collection of player illustrations for the Oregon State Men’s Basketball team. These illustrations were intended to be used on social media to breakup all of the photography used on the platforms.

I wanted the illustrations to show movement, athleticism, and excitement through each individual piece.
26 Days Of Typography

26 Days of Typography

The 26 Days of Typography challenge is a trend where creatives reimagine the alphabet in whatever way they see fit. At the beginning of quarantine I found myself in need of a creative outlet that could better my design skills and keep me creating. So with a rather blank schedule (and many slices of homemade sourdough bread) I tried my hand at the challenge. I used this opportunity to push my illustration skills, experiment with my style, and play with my imagination.