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Gillian Stephenson

As a graphic designer and artist, I work in several different mediums. I’m currently based in Corvallis Oregon but I hope to explore and potentially relocate.

I enjoy gaming and staying active (a slight dichotomy) recently I’ve been most into climbing and skiing. I also love plants and take a lot of inspiration from nature!

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A bottle of wine with a colorful display with a an additional label saying drink me and painted roses

Painted Roses

Painted Roses was a fictional wine company based on creating a unique experience around a glass of wine. Created a full concept, brand, prototype, and pitch-deck for this brand and wine bottle. This was a multi-stage project of building a unique food or drink product concept that elevates a specific sense or experience. I focused on adding movement and curating a unique experience each time.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide

Orpheus Protocol Logo. A sword in the stone overlaid as a part of a harp

Orpheus Protocol

This was initially two separate projects based on the same Podcast, Orpheus Protocol. Theres a full collection of the 22 major arcana for a tarot deck as characters inspired by the podcast Orpheus Protocol. They were sketched with pencil then painted and inked using India ink and fine liners on archival paper. Plus a fictional rebrand including a logo, brand guide, stylescape, advertisements, and stationary using the applied branding. I was able to apply aspects of the two projects to work together.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #logo #brand guide #Painting

26 letters of the alphabet in various art styles

The 26

The 26 is a varied alphabet composed of several different styles and mediums. I took this study of typographic form as a creative challenge to try a ton of different styles and ideas for the different letters.

#Illustrator #After Effects #painting