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Hailey Thomas

I am a graphic designer living in sunny Medford, OR. I love creating playful designs that delight and bring a smile. I am inspired by the creativity of childhood, the joy of a sunny day, and the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones. My designs are intended to be lighthearted, sincere, and fresh.

Portfolio Website Capstone
100 Pure Lotion Mockup

Skincare Rebrand

This hypothetical rebrand of the skincare company “100% Pure” entailed research, ideation, drafting, and implementation of a new set of branding guidelines.

Tailoring the new branding to the target audience of women in their 20’s and 30’s, the branding took on a more youthful tone, with bright colors and a hint at the natural ingredients within the products.

#packaging #identity #logo #brand guide

Alphabet Poster Mockup

Alphabet Design

The alphabet design project was base off of the design trend of #26daysoftype, where designers take one letter from the alphabet a day and design it in a new and creative way. This project included ideation, sketching, and finalizing of 26 letters. I decided to do an illustrative alphabet to highlight the playfulness of the letters.

This project allowed for each letter to speak from a slightly different style, and even to create a story in and of itself.


Memory Cup Mockup

Conference Branding

Lemons to lemonade is a cliché, no doubt about it, but this well-known saying was the basis for this hypothetical event branding. The intention for this event was to teach writers how to write about their own grief in a way that elevates their skills and their story.

The branding took the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and turned it into the moto for the event. Using lemons, water, and sugar as key graphic elements in this design, the event was created to feel anything but sad. Full of lively color, the event was dressed from posters to booklets, swag to badges, and everything in between to create an inviting experience for all.

#identity #logo #brand guide #event design #experience design