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Hana Kimmelman

Hi I’m Hana! I am graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. I love collaborating with other creatives, traveling, hiking, reading and of course, oat milk! My interests include branding, photo styling, and package design.

Portfolio Website Capstone
Alaja Gif Website

Alaja Chocolates Gourmet

Alaja Gourmet Chocolates is an Ecuadorian chocolate brand that has won awards for their excellent product. They sell on the Galapagos Islands at fairs and expositions. Their goal is to expand to airports so that their traveling customers can easily bring back gifts for their friends and family. They wanted four different packages that each represent one of the four regions that Ecuador has to offer. The four regions of Ecuador that inspired the following designs are the Andes, Galapagos, the Amazon and the Coast. This project was completed during my design internship in Quito, Ecuador for Focus Strategic Design.

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Cup Ice Cream Mockup

Baskin Robbins Rebrand

I rebranded Baskin Robbins as a gourmet ice cream shop that sells its own uniquely flavored pints. This concept brand is intended to exist alongside the original as a luxury option that would be located in popular urban locations. The deliverables included a stylescape, styleguide and mockups that encompass the new branding. 

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The Empathy Effect

The Empathy Effect is a theoretical theme for the AWP Conference and Book Fair. For this project I created an identity system and a set of deliverable for the conference. The theme of The Empathy Effect was inspired by research showing that, addressing climate change from a point of empathy, as opposed to fear, results in higher rates of activism.

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