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Hannah Phillips

I am a graphic designer and photographer, living in Beaverton, OR. I enjoy coffee, video games, music, and in the future I hope to convert a van into a home that will allow me to travel as I please.

Portfolio Website Capstone

Corvallis Farmers' Market

This was a collaborative project with a focus on sustainability and creating a healthier environment in our community of Corvallis,Oregon. One important aspect of this project was we wanted to encourage the community to make sustainable choices by rebranding the Corvallis Farmer’s Market, and create new posters to help promote the weekly event to the community.  Together as a group, we decided to create posters that would be printed using recycled paper, and create digital versions to also be accessed through a website for the market. 

We chose to use unrealistic colors for skin tones and hair colors, so that everyone felt represented in the poster, and it further expressed the message that the Farmers’ Market is for everyone in the community, not just a select group. We also wanted highlight some of the sustainable food choices available at the market through the border. 

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Mockups Design

Title Nine Brand Re-Design

This is a re-brand project, in which I chose to design a new branding system and logo for the women’s athletic store, Title Nine.  I wanted to create a branding system that made customers fell bold and powerful while straying away from stereotypical gender colors. The logo is a greek shield to connect to the idea of the powerful greek Goddess Athena and communicate that Title Nine clothing is armor for active women. The nine circles on the shield represent the community that Title Nine creates with their team and customers. 

I then applied the new branding system to multiple deliverables such as, tags, shopping bags, hats, masks, and stationary.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #identity #logo #brand guide