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Jae Hyun Kim

Hello! I’m originally from South Korea and studied Fine Arts before moving to Oregon to learn English and further my studies of arts. Now, I attend Oregon State University and major in Graphic Design graduating in Spring 2021.

 I’m a graphic designer interested in branding and digital design. I like cooking, drawing, painting, and photographing that any kind of thing of using my hands to create something.

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Business Card

Locker Cleaners

(Branding & Deliverables)

Locker Cleaners is a Portland-based start-up company that customers can get laundry service through a locker. Requested by the founder of the business, I involved in most of the visual projects such as photography, a logo, web designs, brochures, banners, and email templates.

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Nokia (Rebranding)


Nokia was the best-selling mobile phone brand in 1998, and it became the largest smartphone company in the 2000s. However, Nokia is not even in the top 10 smartphone companies in 2020, competing with other smartphone companies. Therefore, I’m going to re-design the brand and bring them back to one of the major smartphone companies in a couple of years.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #logo #brand guide

Aroundu Logo

Around U

(UX/UI Design)

Around U provides useful guidance on the smartphone for students who meet some problems in the trip, such as lacking information about safety, cost, student discount, and distance. The app contains all these recommendations and knowledge that young tourists can easily access and use during travel.

The users can filter the four different categories to find the best sightseeing place during travel and also communicate with other travelers as rating the featured site.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #XD #logo #brand guide #app design