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Joe Pardo

Hello, I’m Joe! A rad graphic designer, passionate photographer, and self-taught screen printer based in rainy Oregon.

Portfolio Website Capstone
Jp Project1 Main

Informative Design

Product Dissection.

The data culminates from 50 products within my proximity. Products are first grouped by packaging material, then into subgroups of their respective food color, from which organized by flavor. The purpose of the graphic is to show multiple variables at once, proportional to the data to their respective counterparts.

Gathering and representing data were important within this infographic design. 

#Illustrator #Layout #Research #Strategy

Jp Project2 Main1

The 26 Letters

A B C & Z.

The objective; create a unique design for each letter of the alphabet while keeping the language of design cohesive. Creating each letter a unique design while being unified started with sketches, planning, and constant tweaking. I would take an idea with the most potential and run with it. 

Collectively designing and creative thinking were important within the illustration of the letters. 

#Illustrator #Visuals #CreativeThinking

Jp Project3 Main

Package Design

Forget Bout It.

When culminating elements for the project, every detail was to be cohesive and make logical sense, meaning if you were to go to the liquor store would you be able to see this product on the shelf. After a series of sketches, and drafts, I finalized on Forget Bout It, for those nights you don’t want to remember.

Attention to detail and logical representation was important within this product design.

#ProductDesign #Identity #Photography