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Kenzie Dunham

Hello, I’m Kenzie!

To be very honest, I barely knew what graphic design was when I came to Oregon State. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do the rest of my life or what I wanted to study! Luckily, I changed my major to graphic design and got into the program. Over the last four years, I have grown so much as a creative, a graphic designer and as a person. I strive to spread positivity, love and happiness through my designs. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Coffee Culture Centered

Coffee Culture

The goal of this project was to create a booklet for a company of your choice. I chose my favorite coffee shop in Corvallis, called Coffee Culture, a locally owned cafe that started in 1993 and has been growing ever since.

The design for this booklet was to be minimalistic with an addition of color to every page. I designed this booklet so that the viewer would have a very easy time navigating through the pages. In addition, I also wanted to celebrate the brand that Coffee Culture already has. The owner of the store described their branding as “timeless.” They wanted their brand to last a very long time and to stand out among other local coffee places in town.

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Mad Hippie Rebrand

Mad Hippie is a skin care and makeup company located in Portland, Oregon. Their skincare products are proven to be sustainable and effective but their brand is inconsistent and confusing. I created a brand to celebrate what Mad Hippie products positively offer to their customers and the environment. 


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AWP Conference

This was a multifaceted project culminating in several different typographic-crafted pieces all sharing the same conceptual and visual system. The event was based on an actual event — Association of Writers & Writing Program Annual Conference. The topic I chose was about Women’s Equality and helping young women realize their potential. The different components of this project were a poster, program booklet, event badges, and swag.

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