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Kilee Tiner

Hi! My name is Kilee. I am an eclectic graphic designer who is passionate in good design, with a love for all things spooky and different. I value my sense of individuality, that which shines in my works. I spend my free time with my cats and a good cup of coffee, when not designing something new.

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Tiner Kilee Squishlogo

Squishmallows Rebranded

This rebranding / identity project for Squishmallows includes a new logo, a new brand identity system, stationary system, stylescape, and advertising campaign. The problem is that Squishmallows brand identity is quite chaotic and they often don’t have a cohesive look to their products packaging, tags, and displays other than their logo, which is a jumbled mess in the first place Squishmallows needs a new, cohesive brand identity that caters to a larger age range of consumers, and is simpler and cleaner, while still holding a fun playful feel to the brand as a whole. This project targeted a rebrand for Squishmallows to tackle the problems stated above, and help me build my branding skills, while learning about what it takes to really create a successful brand.

Tiner Kilee Thriftr

Thriftr App Design

This Thriftr app design was a project focused on creating an app that helps serves people in my local community. The goal was to use a combination of the adobe suites program to design and then build a “working” app. Thriftr is an app that helps people discover local thrift stores and events near them, to help reduce fast fashion and promoting recycling and build a stronger community.