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Kilee Tiner

Hi! My name is Kilee. I am an eclectic graphic designer who is passionate in good design, with a love for all things spooky and different. I value my sense of individuality, that which shines in my works. I spend my free time with my cats and a good cup of coffee, when not designing something new.

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Tinerk Alphabet Profile

Alphabet Reimagined

This project was designed to test my skills using creation and digital sketching within illustrator and photoshop. The goal was to come up with 26 letters of the alphabet, all with a unique design, hand illustrated and thought out by me. The end results were a process book and a poster.

Tinerk Touchofevil Portfolio

Touch of Evil Monoprint Painting

“Touch of Evil” is a mono print style painting focusing on raw emotion. I’ve chosen to include it because illustration and painting are some of my skills, and it showcases my dedication to self expression within my designs. This piece represents a person coming in to contact with the evil of depression. I wanted to represent emotion and feelings, and portray it through the color choices as well. These skills translate into my other work and help me be a better designer.