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Kristina Alldridge

I am an artist, cat lady, and nature lover from the Oregon Coast. I have a passion for dabbling in a bit of everything that is hands on, from printmaking, photography, sculpting, painting, and everything in between.



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Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea

This project was to create a mock product for an existing brand in a way that would spark new interest in the product based on the science of food and how we interact with packaging. By using glass, relaxing visuals, and the idea of tea being a luxurious moment in your day, this was created to elevate the experience of the user. This rebrand targets the audience of 18- 35 year old students, graduates, and busy career workers who value the planet as well as taking a moment to really enjoy the experience of sitting down with a beverage.

#Illustrator #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide

Grandpas fresh market

Grandpa's Fresh Market Mock Rebrand

During this project I was tasked with creating a (mock) rebrand of an existing company. This included rebranding the systems including typography, color palette, and logo. The rebrand aims to target families, community members, and to provide a welcoming system that is inclusive to anyone who may stop by for fresh produce, U-pick veggies, fruit, and home made products. The logo reflects the farm’s main fall crop and hints at the main amenity, which is the ability to visit and pick produce yourself.

Monitor Man1

Monitor Man

This adventure takes place in downtown Portland, Oregon, after being prompted to create and edit a music video to a song of my choice. I quickly located an old monitor and went to work stripping it down to its shell to create a fully wearable head piece. The magic in this work was not only the great time I had shooting it, but also the final outcome after many hours of editing in After Effects.