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Lauren Miller

Hi, my names Lauren I am a graphic design student who loves dogs and cant wait to get one once I graduate. When I’m not designing I am either crafting, gaming, or making art.  Ever since I was little I knew that I loved creating things and making art.  As I grew older I found a passion for technology and always liked to learn more about new programs I could use.  Graphic design has become a great way for me to combine both of my passions together and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Some of the work that inspires me that I have been working on is branding.  I love how design can bring a whole new personality to a brand while also being able to set a tone for how the brand wants to be perceived.  One of the coolest things about working in design is that I can turn ideas that live in the mind, into reality.  For any of the work I have done or will do, all I want is to use the talents I have to help ideas come to life.

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Email: laurenhopemiller99@gmail.com

Portfolio Website Capstone
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Bang Energy Rebrand

Project Brief: Rebrand a company of your choice

Solution: Created designs that target their main audience of college students and athletes.

Highlight/ Significance: The branding reflects a younger audience that also shows the idea of “bang” in a new way.

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The26 Poster

The 26

264letter 01

Sketch26 01

Project Brief: Create a design for each letter of the alphabet.

Highlight/ Significance:  Coming up with so many different ideas allowed me to push my creativity further as I went down the alphabet.

Solution:  I made each letter design unique from one another so they could each stand out, while also learning new techniques that I could use for my designs.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign

Miller Lauren Final 02 Copy


Ezgif Com Gif Maker

Project Brief: Collect information and photos about the different food in my apartment, then create an infographic that shows the different distances between where the food is produced and between where I am in Corvallis, Oregon. I also related the distance with how much carbon is released from traveling.

Highlight/ Significance: The infographic shows the distance between where each product is made and me. The use of color helps to differentiate the different information.  The circle outlines compare how much carbon dioxide is released for each product.

Solution:  Instead of using lines to separate the food categories, I used curved brackets. I colored the brackets differently to differentiate the different categories better. I made the header leading closer and the text titles smaller. I also outlined the keys so that they are easier to separate from the main graphic.

#Illustrator #infographic