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Lily Hansen

Hello there! My name is Lily and I am a graphic designer born and raised in Oregon. I love all things art and creating. When I am not designing, you can find me outdoors taking pictures, with friends and family or cuddled up with a book, movie, or my Nintendo Switch. Lets connect!

Portfolio Website Capstone

La Croix (Fake) Rebrand

A fake rebrand of La Croix sparkling water. I redesigned their branding system from top to bottom including their logo and various other deliverables including new can designs, stationary and other marketing materials that show off their new branding system in a Refreshing, Fun and Modern way.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide


National Park Poster

Zion National Park Poster. This poster was designed to highlight the beautiful bright colors at Zion National Park as well as showcase and inspire people to partake in the adventures to be had at Zion!


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This is a piece I did during quarantine and I started when I found tin foil in the kitchen late at night and I loved how it was reflecting light and sort of glowed in the dark. I was planning to start a painting that night so I decided to incorporate tinfoil with my painting. It turned into a top down view of some islands with the ocean current and typographic lines. This was a time when I felt my passion for art come through in my work (and also the desire to travel).

#painting #acrylic