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Bartley Lucas Portrait

Lucas Bartley

Hi, I’m Lucas, an experienced graphic designer based in Corvallis. I enjoy working with teams contributing to making the design process run as smoothly as possible. With a quirky & fun personality, I brighten the work environment up even when it’s been a tough day.

Portfolio Website Capstone
Maisy Land Smooth Butter Tv Ad

Maisy Land

Maisy Land brings a whole new role to the dinner table.  As a utility that is as universal as duct tape.  Maisy Land Butter can conquer any obstacle in its path, from dry and flakey surfaces to providing that smooth delicious taste to your meals.

Apb Logo

A'ala Park Bastards

A’ala Park Bastards is a Skateshop in Oahu, Hi. APB is one of the most know stores on the island.  For years their logo has remained blank and simple.  This fictitious project was aimed to rebrand the skate shop giving them a true industry of the concrete warriors they are.

Zoz 8bit Float


Welcome to the world of the Zoz.  My color super flat World decided to show my inner bizarre mind. From apparel to digital art. Zoz is meant to be zesty and boundary-pushing.  I hope to inspire a movement that is different, a movement that embraces both the fun and the shitty. 

Check out more at worldofzoz.com