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Maia Farris

Graphic Designer • Photographer • Illustrator

Maia Farris is a senior in the Class of 2020 Graphic Design Cohort. Growing up in Oregon, she has always loved nature, hiking, visiting the Coast, and wandering around Portland. In her spare time you can find her drawing, writing, taking photos, and spending time with friends and family. Maia enjoys traveling to new places around the world, and her favorite part of her college career was teaching English in Macau, China for three months. In the future, Maia hopes to work somewhere that cares about people, the environment, and at a place that challenges her to learn new things, while being able to use and improve the variety of skills she has already acquired. Click here to see what she’s up to on Instagram!

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Mockups Design

The Brew

The Brew is a fictional magazine focusing on breweries in Corvallis, OR.

This project was centered around a self-chosen topic and utilized skills in article editorial writing, photography*, and page layout design. Article topic content is collected from personal interviews with brewers at Nectar Creek, Sky High Brewing, and Corvallis Brewing Supply. Articles are written by Maia Farris. 

*Some photography is sourced from UnSplash. Due credit is noted on specific pages in the magazine



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Ray | Vitamin D Infused Golden Ale

RAY is a vitamin-D infused concept beer idea.

This project was in collaboration with OSU Fermentation Sciences (OSU Barley Project), OSU College of Business and the Graphic Design program. The final presentation was presented in front of a panel of judges.

The project executed a brand identity for RAY, packaging, and SWAG items to go along with the product’s unveiling.

Prototype images of the physical can show a hand-painted pattern and matte label finish.

Design by: Maia Farris, Maddie Finklea and Susan Lee

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Artboard 1@72x

Weleda | Hypothetical Rebrand

Revitalizing the natural cosmetics brand, Weleda.

This project focused on rebranding a company by creating a new pictorial mark and wordmark. The latter half of the project developed product mockups and a stationery set using the brand system (typography, photography, and colors). The new mark is modern and professional using a serif typeface. Weleda’s rebrand focused on representing their long history, the use of natural ingredients, and creating products for all with a more modern and professional image. The pictorial mark represents life, unity, and nature. It also has a subtle W shape in the top part of the flower to add more negative space and create balance. 

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #print #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide