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Makayla Morrow

Makayla Morrow

Hello! Both professionally and passionately, I’m a graphic designer and photographer that enjoys bringing businesses to life. I find color psychology, marketing, and making design with a purpose irresistible. Personally, I’m an energetic introvert, interested in spending my free time applying design knowledge to personal crafts, mixed media, and film photography projects. 

Portfolio Website Capstone
Three Magazines Mockup

BUY Magazine

This assignment sees the completion of a fictitious, quarterly publication design. This assignment is a challenge of applying typography, conceptual illustrations, strong compositions that engage and inform a reader, strong nameplate, and cover designs. The finished product demonstrates your strength in utilizing publication-design skills and illustration. Through this fake publication I explored color and how it can effect people’s buying decisions. Based on the curated articles within the magazine, as well as further research, I found that bold typefaces and colors like red and yellow can not only draw buyers attention, but these colors can light up parts of the brain that make people happier by buying it; Therefore these are the ideals of BUY Magazine

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #print #identity

Kellskoffee Cupsbags

Kell's Koffee Rebrand

This was a fake rebrand of Kell’s Koffee. Currently they have a clear Hawaiian theme, though it is not thoughtfully translated into their branding. I immediately knew I had to add a taste of tropical, bright vibes to represent what truly makes Kell’s Koffee a unique place to get your morning coffee. Kell’s Koffee’s logo currently fits in with Coffee Culture or Tried and True modern, refined coffeehouse aesthetic; However, I want to expand beyond that and incorporate the specialness of Kell’s Koffee with a touch of tropical Hawaiian vibes.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide

Lemonsevent Poster Mockup

'When Life Gives You Lemons' Event Branding

This project is to create a clear and cohesive design system for AWP’s 2019 Annual Conference and Bookfair. Each piece will have shared elements and dynamic design to tie them together. The use of yellow to tie in the idea of “life giving you lemons” will also be an element and symbol seen through out the elements. These packaged elements will be posters, an evite, a program booklet, event badges, and swag items. Sticking with the theme, I curated a variety of writers who intend to uplift your mood through the connections we have with the mind, body, others, and the world.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #print #identity #brand guide #event design #environment