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Mara Weeks

I am a wandering creative – always in search of a new favorite pen. I thrive on sunny days with a caramel latte in my hand and a scrunchie around my wrist. Music and caffeine keep me moving forward. I am a big believer in genuine kindness and doing good… just cause.

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Park Place Perennials

A family-owned, lavender and cut flower farm in Oregon.

My design for Park Place Perennial’s logo and product labels is inspired by the farm’s rustic, organic feel. The client asked for a worn, country look that would match the aesthetic of twine and brown craft paper. I hand-drew an illustration of a lavender bouquet and paired it with a bold, serif typeface, contrasted with a san-serif tagline.

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Third Wave Coffee

A narrative guide of my coffee experience in Portland, Oregon.

“Third Wave Coffee” is a guide designed to showcase my interest in Portland artisan coffee shops. The book includes articles about five coffee locations, a map of the locations within the Portland area, and photos from my experiences. The book uses a visual style that speaks to the simplistic, approachable, and eco-friendly values of Third Wave coffee shops.

The “Third Wave Coffee” book is accompanied by a video that allows the viewer to take a virtual tour through each location. The video provides a glimpse into the narrative of my experience through my perspective.

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In Our World

A screenprinted zine that explores a tactile, sensory experience.

“In Our World” is a screenprinted zine that depicts abstract interpretations of concepts derived from the book, “Design Beyond Vision” by Cooper Hewitt. The zine is an exploratory study, mirroring the topic of my senior Capstone Project about children with visual impairment.

This zine is meant to provide a tactile experience for the reader through its textured pages and interactive elements including flaps, windows, and raised dots/lines.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #experience design #screenprint