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Meg Nickel

Hey there! My name is Meg, and I am a small town girl who loves chasing sunsets, chai tea lattes, and capturing moments through the lens.

Oh, and always remember to keep a smile on your face, and happiness in your heart ūüôā

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Llamas Of Oregon Cover

Llamas of Oregon - Booklet

The parameters were to choose a topic that is unique to Oregon, and since 1/4 of the llama population in the U.S. lives in Oregon, I decided that this was the best topic to choose. Because llamas are quirky, sassy and may I add, just the cutest.

Throughout the research process I got to go to Hidden Oaks Llama Farm in Estacata, Oregon, where I toured their farm and interviewed the owner, Sherry Wilkerson.  I also attended Oregon Ag Fest at the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center in Salem, Oregon.  There, I got to walk around and meet some of the llamas that were being shown.

All of the photographs throughout the project are taken at these two locations.

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Nickel Megan Scentsy Stylescape

Scentsy Rebrand

I was tasked with creating an unofficial rebrand for a second-tier or dead brand.  This included a new logo, stationary set, mockups and a photographic style.

I chose Scentsy for this project as it is a second-tier brand and a company that I love to use within my own home.  Part of their mission is to connect memories to the sense of smell, which overall inspired the rebrands logo.  

The logo features a heart that resembles a nose. ¬†Therefore connecting back to our love for the smells that fill our home. ¬†This is then paired with a smile because who doesn’t smile when they register a smell they love, like cookies in the oven!

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Img 6271

Recipe Clutch

The Recipe Clutch, is a colorful “clutch” ¬†that can be used to hold recipes on the countertop, or for bookmarking recipes within a cookbook. ¬†

Each package is endorsed by a different nutritional influencer, here I made packages based on; Joanna Gaines,  Rachael DeVaux and Jillian Harris.  Each influencer has their own palette of colors.

Inside is a set of 4 “clutches” and 2 exclusive recipe cards.

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