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Nathan Fellows

I’m an artist and designer with many diverse interests, whether it be camping, boating, bread making, or screen printing I am always looking to improve, explore and learn!

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RISE is an exploration of sourdough bread throughout history, culture, and Oregon. It was focused on learning the entire process of bread-making from the starter all the way to eating. This was be accomplished by taking a look at 4 different bakeries here in Oregon as well as detailed looks into each step of the process.

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AWP Conference

The 2019 AWP Conference “raw creativity” focuses on the connection between creativity, addiction, and abuse. Through the lens of hip-hop and other artistic cultures that heavily promote and and fall victim to drug use. Through the exploration of this sensitive topic the conference seeks gain an understanding of the human connection between creativity, our minds, and substances.

This was done through an entire campaign including event signage, collateral, evites, social media marketing, and program guide.

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Doc Martens Rebrand

Dr. Martens is a British boot brand often referred to “Doc Martens” with a long history rooted in Germany, Britain, and the rest of the world. Their classic style has a past filled with turmoil that almost lead the company to completely shutting down. However deliberate and successful campaigns has resurrected and placed Dr. Martens as a staple among many groups with strong ties to music, punk, and counterculture. Moving forward redesigning their brand will allow for Dr. Martens to put their best foot forward.

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