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Nick Kline

Nick Kline

Graphic designer by day, fan of various pop culture media by night. Photography is a hobby of mine and I’m fascinated by vintage cameras. Professionally I have big interests in the environmental, brand, and editorial sides of graphic design.

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Open Streets Corvallis

Open Streets is an annual summer event started just a few years ago in an effort to promote a healthier partnership between motor vehicles and bicycles/pedestrians by closing off select strips of neighborhood roads for a day and showing an ideal environment where the streets aren’t scary for children to play and people to ride their bikes. My job was to create the materials to advertise and promote the event with posters, flyers, sponsorship packets, photography, etc.

For the 2019 event I created all the print and some web materials for Open Streets. My design style was intended to be bolder and more expressive than previous years. I am currently doing the same work for them for the 2020 event and updated the poster from last year’s to be more wild and expressive.

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Poker Ride

Poker Ride is a recent event put on by OSU Transportation Services that combines a bike safety awareness campaign, information about the services the department offers on campus, and a poker themed game to win prizes and spread awareness. The materials I designed for this event were to advertise and promote the event as well as to direct people during the event.

I chose to design these posters and signs to maximize readability from a fair distance since participants were meant to bike around campus from one location to the next and needed to see the next stop well before reaching it. I used large, bold text on white backdrops so no one would miss the important information. I also used colors that complimented the warmer season and my personal style.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #print #identity #strategy #event design