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Noah Denker

Noah Denker

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, skate rat, music nerd, art lover, parrot dad, and outdoorsy Oregonian. My expertise is my avenue to serve others and my passion is people.

In pursuing the betterment of the communities around me, I took up design to work in all of the different fields and industries that I’m into. Chasing wholesome work, I strive to maintain a balance of social responsibility, innovation, and fun.

Feel free to reach me at

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Denker Noah Indy Logo

Independent Trucks Rebrand

This conceptual rebrand highlights the inclusive aspects of Independent Trucks by embracing skaters of all backgrounds and skill levels, while also maintaining the history of the brand’s punk roots and zero-fucks-given attitude.

Problem: The original logo contained ties to white supremacy organizations and modeled a hateful ideology that the brand never aligned with. While the logo was clean and crisp in its design, it needed to move away from the harmful aspects that targeted BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other demographics of skaters.

Solution: A branding refresh that reflects the bold, raw, DIY, and loud legacy of the Indy family and hardcore skate scene. The new identity pays homage to the working aspects of the previous brand and represents the trajectory of core skateboarding as a whole subculture.

Scan Collage1

Experimental Typography Zine

Work in Progress

In collaboration with design giant Scott Clum, this zine explores my introduction into the found object type design/collage design genre, a more organic movement within design practiced by Scott and his colleagues over many years. The mentorship between Scott and I spawned the idea of a collaborative experimental zine, diving into the concepts of being present within design along with spatial relationships in typography design. While different, we both have similar interests, inspirations, and same stoke for the world. This zine project articulates those conversations through collaged typography and hand-made design elements while creating imagery that challenges the idea.

These images showcase the beginning stages of our process and are only the first step into finished pages.

Stay tuned.
Denker Noah Msag Cover

My Summer as a Goth

Movie Soundtrack Vinyl + CD Packaging

Upon the world release of Tara Johnson-Medinger’s independent film My Summer as a Goth, a team of designers and I worked on the packaging for the movie’s soundtrack on vinyl and CD. Created during my time at FLUX studio, this project was a collaboration between myself, Lucas Bartley, Kiley Porter, Kelsie Rust, and of course our client Tara Johnson-Medinger. I led the design team, mainly creating the vinyl packaging and building out the grid and layout plan for both items.

While these are simply promotional items, they cater to the cult followers of the film who’ve seen the movie through indy film festivals and tours previous to the world release. The specific scenes depicted throughout the packaging and sly references nod to the viewer’s knowledge of the film and bring them back into the world of Portland’s goth scene.