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Pine Humes

Pine Humes

I dream of someday having a whole room full of creative equipment to help realize whatever artistic visions I have. But for now, I’m content with a desk where I can design, edit photos, and draw.

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AWP Event Materials

Enjambment is an imagined conference built for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. Over the course of a day, the conference would feature programs and workshops structured around reintroducing poets to creative nonfiction as an alternate format of expression. The event was made to take place at Oregon State University’s Student Experience Center and connect the school’s writing departments, newspaper and literary magazines, as well as attendees from all backgrounds with resources and esteemed poets and nonfiction writers.
Deliverables for this conference included large signs for the event as a whole, posters for the individual panel sessions, wayfinding materials for the building, badges based on attendee access, a conference book, and mocked up swag for attendees to use at the conference and take home with them. Shown here are the posters as well as the brand guidelines for the event. An alternate version of these guidelines would be provided in the case of a real event so that it could be printed.

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Explore Katmai Poster

This was a sophomore year class assignment based around designing a poster for a national park; it’s probably aged better than anything else I made around that time. The focus was to celebrate an aspect of a park in the way WPA posters once had, but produced digitally and revitalized. After designing the poster, I was assigned the task of creating a complimentary park brochure using the Unigrid system.

I selected Katmai National Park, located in southern Alaska. At the time of this project I actually hadn’t heard of Katmai before outside of their annual Fat Bear Week, a celebration of the bears’ hibernation preparation.

My preparation for this project involved researching the park scenery and how best to paint it. This 2’x3’ poster captures the dynamic feeling I got from the park.

As a project, this poster was fairly process-heavy. My first drafts involved color selection and simple sketching. I think I knew my project was “ready” when I added the bit of red, seen in the final. It tied everything together.

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Humes Puffin

Stationery Kit

I did this project in my junior year, for a package design class. It combines two things I enjoy— stationery, and finding the perfect purpose for a good container. The assignment was to design a graphic for a metal tin so that we could get experience with printing on products via Oregon State’s Printing and Mailing Services. This was one of my first times working with a business like theirs, and I seriously enjoyed getting to do so.

The tin fits a small stack of postcards and standard note cards, as well as envelopes and a pen. On the inner cover I’ve ended up sticking down a few sheets of stamps and assorted stickers. I take it with me when I go places and have even gotten a few compliments on it.

It’s probably one of my most personally useful projects, so far. If you’re reading this, thanks Christine for coming up with this project. I really like what I made!

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