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Summer Bogard

Summer Bogard

In addition to being a graphic designer with a strong focus on illustration, I’m a local Oregonian and some of my personal interests include reading, listening to pop music, and nature. I also love hiking and writing for fun.

Portfolio Website Capstone
A brightly colored poster. It is made up of boxes arranged in 4 columns and 7 rows. Each box contains an illustrated drawing of a letter of the english alphabet.

26 Letters Project

An illustration of various letters of the alphabet.

This project was part of my course work during one of our past semesters. Our cohort was tasked with individually designing all twenty-six letters of the english alphabet in unique ways. At the end of the project, we each collected our letter designs and joined them together into a single poster like this. We were working under fast deadlines but the end result was worth being proud of.

An illustration shows a blue clump of metal, plants, and fungi floating in a blue void. Lines of light blue decorate the background. Golden ooze drips from the top of the illustration and onto the clump and then drips off it to the bottom of the picture.

Color Spheres Project

A seven part illustration project.

It was focused on the theme of monochrome color and lighting, and the contrast and conflict between objects of an organic nature (such as plants) and inorganic objects (such as machinery or toys) to the viewer’s eye. This project can be viewed digitally but it was intended to be printed out and hung in a straight row at eye-level on a wall in a gallery or hallway.

Two versions of a redesigned logo mark for the company Pig 'N Pancake are shown. One version is big and square. The other version is small and round.

Pig 'N Pancakes Rebrand

A hypothetical re-branding of the identity system used by the Pig ‘N Pancake breakfast and brunch restaurant chain. This rebranding project included a new logo mark, color palette, typography, company photography, deliverables, and a stylescape.

While designing the stylescape, I set the tone of the new identity to convey the message of the company as homely, local, and welcoming.