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Sokalski Bio

Ty Han Sokalski

My name is Ty Han Sokalski. I use they/them/theirs pronouns. I am a queer, nonbinary graphic designer and artist based in Portland, OR. I like drawing, animals, and spending way too much time exploring art museums. My interest in art and illustration drives my design practice. The projects below are an example of work I’ve done for OSU Graphic Design courses, as well as with internships and jobs I’ve held.

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I’m an avid reader of webcomics. Throughout the years, the world of comics has expanded to the Internet, where comic artists can now host their work on their own websites or on hosting services such as Webtoon or Tapas. The one barrier that webcomics seem to encounter over and over is the mobile platform.

Webcomics apps that are already available struggle to make the experience of reading as enjoyable and seamless as in a browser. Furthermore, mobile apps often lack the necessary extras and tools for comics artists to grow their fanbase and gain revenue from their work.

I set out with the goal to design a webcomic app that provides an effortless reading experience that fosters fan community engagement and keeps readers coming back for more.

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Queer Futures

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference is held annually to celebrate and support teachers, students, and professionals in the contemporary literary and writing fields. Every year, the conference follows a specific theme to call attention to specific areas of literature or of the writing profession.

Queer literature is an emerging genre that has quickly gained momentum in the mainstream since the 1980s. As the LGBTQ+ community gains traction in popular media, queer communities are increasingly demanding representation and respect in media.

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community motivated me to conceptualize an AWP Conference that focused on LGBTQ+ voices in contemporary literature. With a focus toward the future, this conference concept reflects my own personal values as well as my design work. I made promotional and collateral material for this fictional conference with a focus on using a consistent typographic system.

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Prism Art & Literary Journal is a submissions-based art and lit review magazine that has been at Oregon State University since the early 1970s. I was privileged to contribute to its legacy for three years of my college career, designing nine issues that showcased the diversity and creativity of our university.

In addition to designing the layout of the magazine itself, I also designed the current logo, type system, and promotional materials. Each issue is unique, reflecting the individuality of its contributors and the artistic vision of its editors. I worked closely with three successive teams of editors to bring their vision of the magazine to life.

#Illustrator #Photoshop #InDesign #print