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WenFei Xie

My name is Wenfei Xie, you can call me Fiona. While being a graphic designer, I have never forgotten myself as a Chinese. I am in love with anything about simplicity and cultural arts. With a huge interest in combining cultural arts and other designs, I bring that into all my investigation works (Designs).


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DHL Rebranding

Due to the other competitors such as ups and USPS in the United State, DHL seems to be a globally expensive trade choice instead of the other companies. Hence, the re-brand is helping to make the brand looks more friendly to every user.

By reducing the main color yellow and red to a lighter yellow and red. Targeted a little bit younger target audiences. Attracted them using the logo and package design. Letting it to be more well-known towards the younger generation so it can raise its popularity. DHL brand positioning is based on our customers’ needs. The phrase “WE MOVE THE WORLD.” will be representing the new DHL Brand.

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Poster 26 Letters

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