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yoojin seol

I love a simple and efficient design with heavy research based on it. Simply, just a nerd who loves to learn and study the design.

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Sf Logo

Skinfood re-branding imitation

Skinfood is a cosmetic brand in South Korea. They are promoting themselves by developing organic makeup products and developing food-based products. 

Their original logo was not practical to be used on the products because it has to rely on illustration style, so I re-brand their identity with my interrupt of Skinfood.

#Illustrator #InDesign #packaging #identity #logo #brand guide

Il Logo

Ilryu Noodle branding

Ilryu noodle is a local restaurant in South Korea. They required a brand identity system with a logo.

The main key element is to use the noodle vector in the logo mark and use their wordmark in the signature mark. I collaborated with another graphic designer from New York to finalize the brand system.

#Illustrator #InDesign #identity #logo #brand guide

Hc Logo

Hey Chef

‘Hey Chef’ is a mobile cooking app that is targeted the 20s. Mainly focusing on developing the simple layout for busy days with a voice command system.

The whole project is fully based on research. I worked with 3 other cohorts to collect the data and investigate the competitors in prior steps. This can present a good aspect of how I explored UI/UX design with a new template.

#Illustrator #XD #identity #logo #brand guide #app design