Tune in to the year-end Hullabaloo

We’re gearing up for our Class of ’21 Capstone Showcase! Every year, OSU GD’s senior class spends an entire school year building their individualized Capstone projects. Starting with research and prototyping, then culminating in an entirely self-actualized multimedia project, this work is meant to display all that they’ve learned from 4 years of growth and study. In pre-COVID times, we celebrated this achievement with an in-person event at our OSU Portland campus, above Pioneer Square. But until that’s an option again, we’re inviting all of you — our friends, family, and supporters — to join us live on YouTube to follow along from the safety of your homes. We hope that this dispersed format ends up having its own advantages, giving more people access to our celebration.

The event will take place on YouTube Live on June 3rd at 4pm PST. While you don’t have to register, we’re asking you to do so, so that we can send you a reminder as it gets closer. We’d also love for you to follow us on Instagram, because we’re gonna be keeping you up to date with all our project developments, our plans for the show, and we’ll be showcasing some of our incredible soon-to-be-grads along the way. Hope you can join us!

2021 capstone projects coming soon