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88rising: The Rise of Asian Representation
Kpop has been an explosive cultural phenomenon, taking stages, headlines, awards, and records in Western media. They have had a huge influence in improving Asian representation alongside other forms of entertainment such as movies. However despite this, their success is not taken seriously. Could it be more than a language barrier preventing them from breaking through to the mainstream media? Through design thinking and investigative processes, the project aims to uplift representation within the Western music industry. The creative answer explores untapped marketing techniques from Kpop and grafting it onto Asian artists based in America, starting with the existing company, 88rising. This project focuses on expanding and building a musical experience within western physical albums. Additional items within this album package are things you would find in KPOP albums that differ from western ones. In addition to the usual items in a western album, this one includes a handwritten letter from the artist, limited edition/collectable photocards, a poster, a lyric poster, a trinket and an exclusive photobook of the artist with behind the scenes shots.

What is 88rising?
88rising is an American multimedia company specializing in “hybrid management, record label, video production, and marketing company” – Sean Miyashiro, founder. A great amount of their work is supporting and collaborating with Asian artists that release music in America or are based in America. In fact, in the recent Marvel movie, Shang-Chi Legend of the Ten Rings, a majority of the original soundtrack was done by artists from 88rising. 88rising is not exclusive to Asian artists but a majority are.


Paulina Le

I enjoy helping others get from A to B and solving their problems, I just happen to be good at design.

My name’s Paulina Le and I’m a versatile designer, illustrator, and photographer based in Cascade Locks and Portland. I’m passionate about creating impactful designs in advertising. In other words, creating good work and work that does good for society. When I’m not designing, I’m sharing memes, planning my next fashionable outfit, or playing Valorant.

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