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Accessible Airport Redesign

Senior Capstone Project by Miranda Duea

This project is focused on the traveling experiences of people who are blind or visually impaired. I chose this as my focus because I’ve always been motivated to design for the future. I believe designing successful spaces can change the way people live and interact with one another. I wanted to bring attention to the blind community and shut down social norms of how people who are blind are perceived, and how they navigate infrastructures. One inspiration behind this project is Dr. Mona Minkara and her quote “Vision is More than Sight”. I took that quote and applied it in my graphic design work, I made sure this project was purposeful throughout and highlighted the blind community.


The first element of my project is the branding for the Portland international Airport Redesign. I needed to make a new color palette that was inclusive for low vision and color blind travelers. My brand guide includes; an inclusive color palette for low vision and color blind travelers, a revised logo with the brand colors, and a universal type for the brand. The colors on the left show what someone would see with normal vision. The colors in the middle and right show red absent and green absent versions of that palette. Although the colors are not the same, people who are colorblind can still differentiate signage and icons when navigating around the airport.

Miranda Duea's branding details for the Airport Redesign
Branding for Portland International Airport Redesign
Icons Final
Icons for Portland International Airport Redesign, includes braille example
Miranda Duea's Portland International Airport map design and mockup. Map size is 11 by 17 inches.
Physical Map for Portland International Airport
11×17 inches
Airport Navigational Map

Another element of my project is a physical map. This map features braille text for navigation and identifying areas of the airport. I included larger icons for people with low vision and contrasting colors for differentiation. I implemented my icon set into the map so a traveler can match it with the signage they see in the airport.

Signage and Wayfinding

Signage and wayfinding are one of the most important components of this project. In order to navigate efficiently and effectively, there has to be some organization with the way people move. In airports, people are going to different places all at the same time. I included large icons that were compatible with any airport or space and also easily recognizable with no background knowledge. For people who are completely blind or especially those with no guide dog, the straight guides offer the option to navigate without asking for assistance. The guides also alert when a person should slow down, become aware of their surroundings and when to stop. The bumps function just like a crosswalk and warn that there is oncoming traffic of people from other angles.

Miranda Duea's airport redesign signage and way finding
Portland International Airport redesign signage and wayfinding
Airport Renderings

Miranda Duea

HI! I’m Miranda, my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am studying Graphic Design and some Photography. When designing, I love hands on work, problem solving, and finding fun ways to brainstorm. Although I’m still new to these ideas, I’m passionate about architecture, urban planning, and urban living.

I love fine arts, exploring new places, and cooking tasty food! I am currently located in Corvallis, Oregon and looking to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah.

View my portfolio website or find me on Instagram @dueadesign I hope to see you there!

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