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I have always struggled with organization to one degree or another and have often noticed my peers struggling from the same blights.Through these observations and subsequent research lead to the creation of a brand that puts designers first. Aimed to deliver handmade products designed to meet and exceed the needs that the modern day creative has.


The whole Cache project is built around three main pillars: Handmade, Creativity, and Organization. Each element of the project keeps these pillars as the main focus, from the process, to the brand, to even the final product.

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Based on research 68% of creatives have problems with organization, with a heavy focus on physical organizational problems such as storage of materials, storage of tools, lack of storage, and ease of access.

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During the entire process each decision for material selection to the size and shape, were all guided by the needs of creatives. With the Cache pillars along with these needs, the designer bag took shape.


Designer Bag 01

The first prototype of the Cache Brand is the “Designer Bag 01.” The goal with this bag was to solve as many of the key physical organization issues in one bag while being a blank canvas to allow the creativity of the designer shine through.

The main features include an extra large main pocket that allows for large tools and materials including 11 in. x 17 in. papers or 18 in. rulers comfortably and plenty of space to contain any other tools, two pockets to make access to all of your tools easy, and even a detachable sketchbook bag that allows for easy access and portability for situations that doesn’t need the whole bag.

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With the large focus on creativity and being handmade, the branding elements need to reflect these pillars as well as being a canvas for the individual designers. To succeed in both of these directions the brand has a minimal color palette that allows the hand cut type to reflect those pillars.

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Nathan Fellows

I’m an artist and designer with many diverse interests, whether it be camping, boating, bread making, or screen printing I am always looking to improve, explore and learn!

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