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A mobile app promoting sustainable, slow fashion

We have a problem, folks.

That problem is fast fashion.

The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, and with a growing global population and higher emphasis on ever-changing styles, fast fashion poses a silent threat in terms of energy use and waste. The fast fashion business model contributes to the over-consumption of poor-quality, short-lived clothing and the emotional devaluing of garments, among other environmental, social, and economic impacts.

An up-and-coming ideology called slow fashion might hold the answer. The slow fashion movement supports the mentality of buying fewer, more expensive, high-quality pieces: quality over quantity.

To combat overconsumption, I set out to discover why individuals⁠—especially young adults aged 18-24⁠—bought into fast fashion. Over the course of nine months, I researched my audience and their relationship with sustainable fashion. The designed solution is Capsule—a mobile app that promotes slow fashion by realizing the versatility of the items that we already own.

Capsule is an app that encourages young adults to practice slow fashion consumption by making it easy to create outfits with a limited wardrobe. Users upload photos of their clothing to their own “virtual closet” and combine pieces for a variety of looks.

Having a few staple pieces that can easily be mixed and matched allows users to employ creativity in their outfits and underlines the importance of a versatile, timeless closet rather than trendy pieces that will go out tomorrow.

See the digital prototype here.

Quote: I actually think that, by having less, people are naturally inclined to hone in on what makes them happy.

– Vajra Alaya-Maitreya, Owner of Monochromatic

three screens showing login sequence of app

Change interface layout

Easily switch between a one- and two-column grid to view clothes and outfits.

Outfits Clothes Home Sequence@2x 4

Add items to your library

Upload photos of your clothes and easily remove the background. Add descriptions and tags to search for items later on.

Add Jeans Sequence@2x 2

Combine items to create outfits

Select and combine items to create a wide variety of outfits. Arrange outfits by category for easy locating.

Add Outfit Sequence@2x 1

Plan out your week

Add outfits to every day of the week—or every day of the month, if you’re a planner like me—to check one more thing off the list in the morning.

Calendar Sequence@2x

Track your clothing stats

See your most and least worn outfits and donate/re-sell the items you don’t use.

Calendar Sequence@2x

It all begins with one step.

We’re running out of time to reduce our impact on the environment. It may sound insignificant, but any small step you take to reduce your carbon footprint makes a difference.

We don’t need all of this stuff. We don’t even need half of it.

Count the items in your closet if you’re bored one day. I guarantee you it will shock you. By scaling down our wardrobe and realizing the power in simplicity, we can take that first step.

Down with fast fashion, I say! Who’s in?

Beyer Bio

Nichole Beyer

Nichole Beyer is a graphic designer by trade but a storyteller at heart. Words have always been her tool of choice, with craft as her backup.

Sustainability grounds Nichole’s practice and influences her process, and she holds a particular area of focus in sustainable fashion.

Nichole will graduate with honors from Oregon State University in June 2020 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Spanish.

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