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College students are motivated to receive free gifts that take low efforts and are placed purely in their presence free of charge and energy. Seasonal stress relief care packages that link to their student accounts allows them to select their preferences in terms of what they would like in their box for each term (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer). Because college students are stressing out at the library during dead week and finals, they need the little things that will help them get by and finish strong.

Blossom is a collective care package brand designed to help motivate, encourage, comfort, and relieve stress amongst college students. Its intention is to purely support students who need care throughout the seasons of college: fall, winter, spring and summer. Blossom was created to relieve stress through seasonal care packages that specifically aligns with their mental health wants and needs.


Grace Cesario

Hello! My name is Grace Cesario and I am from Portland, Oregon. When I’m not designing, I enjoy reading books, working on jigsaw puzzles, eating sushi, going on trail runs, and petting as many dogs as I can. I have loved being a part of the OSU Graphic Design Program and have grown so much from my peers, teachers, and mentors. After graduation, I hope to land a job within a few design agencies I am passionate about and applying for. In the meantime, I will continue to freelance for a design agency based in Bend, Oregon.

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