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Changing Tides

Changing Tides is a sustainable subscription service that focuses on ocean plastic pollution and eliminating the need for single-use plastics. Changing Tides provides customers with the materials they need to begin and sustain a plastic-free lifestyle. Changing Tides offers high quality products and services that will last a customers a happy and healthy lifetime for both them AND our oceans. The year-long subscription service offers four diverse collections (one every three months) that will help people transfer to a more sustainable lifestyle in a gradual, but effective, way. The more we talk about our environmental issues and how we can combat them, the more we consider and seek out sustainable options.

Single-Use Plastics – The Issue

Single-use plastics have been ingrained into how we live our daily lives. From plastic bottle caps to plastic tampon applicators–these items are often littered, not disposed of correctly, and make their way down rivers and streams that lead right to our oceans.

One way to reduce this plastic pollution problem is to reduce our own individual plastic use as much as possible, but the transfer to a plastic-free lifestyle can be intimidating and difficult. That’s where Changing Tides can help.

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Changing Tides – The Brand

Changing Tides realizes that change can be daunting, but that doesn’t mean that we should avoid it. As long as we push ourselves to make small, but effective changes in our habits, we make progress—together.

Changing Tides offers a year-long subscription service that provides customers with long-term, sustainable, and plastic-free products that will last them a happy and healthy lifetime. A new Changing Tides Collection box will be delivered every three months (for a year), ensuring that the customers have enough time to implement and adjust the new sustainable items into their lives. By providing customers with a year-long subscription service, they don’t keep obtaining items that that don’t need or find useful to them or their lifestyle. The subscription service with Changing Tides includes a Starter Collection, Home Collection, Self-Care Collection, and a Kitchen Collection.

Changing Tides Brand Quick Look

Changing Tides Website – The Collections Page

The Collections page guides customers through signing up for the Changing Tides Collections service. Customers can learn about how Collections work on the homepage, and if they are interested, they sign up! The process starts out with a quick questionnaire that helps us get to know the customer a bit better, and also learn how to best cater to their own personal needs. Customers then select a Collections plan that works for them, and then they begin their item customization for their Starter Collection!

Changing Tides Website – The Shop Page

The Shop page offers customers individual products that they can purchase to either add to their collection, try out Changing Tide’s products, and/or order refill their existing products without having to purchase another reusable container for them. Each Changing Tides product comes with a long-term reusable container that can be reused over and over again! Saving money, and the Earth!

The Products

Changing Tides Products

Changing Tides Website – The Learn Page

There are a lot of myths and misinformed information surrounding the subject of ocean pollution that need to be straightened out. So, the Learn page features articles, zero waste recipes, and other information related to ocean pollution for customers to learn and share.

Changing Tides Online Magazine – Starter Collection Edition

With each delivery of a Changing Tides Collection, a customer will receive an online magazine that is specific to each collection. The online magazines include a breakdown of the items in each box, articles that pertain to each collection category, zero waste recipes, crossword puzzles, and more.

Together we can reduce the need for single-use plastic products by implementing more sustainable products and practices into our lives. Changing Tides strives to both educate and provide our customers with sustainable products that will last a happy and healthy lifetime for our environment. By altering our own plastic-use habits, we can conquer ocean plastic-based pollution together—and for the future.

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Aimee Williams

Hey, there!

I’m graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design with minors in Photography, and Business & Entrepreneurship. Here are some things that I enjoy:

Graphic design, of course. I enjoy branding and identity systems, packaging design, and providing my creative skills to aid in marketing strategies. I LOVE being able see people utilizing my work out in the world. 

Photography. I enjoy documentary photography, capturing beautiful  landscapes, and taking portraits (my most willing subject is my younger sister, Kirsten). I also have a new-found love for film photography.

Book binding. Printing, sewing, glueing, hard-covering — the whole shabang.  It’s nice to take a break from the screen and craft with my hands every once in a while.

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